Monumetric Review: How to Increase Your Blog Income With Display Ads

The #1 goal for most bloggers out there is to ultimately monetize their blog traffic to earn passive income online. Display ads can play a huge part in your blog monetization. If you’re looking to make money with your blog, this Monumetric review will help you pick the right display ad network to join.

Monumetric is one of the most powerful ad networks for bloggers out there. If you have enough traffic, you can start making money with your blog on “auto-pilot” sooner than you think.

I will walk you through:

  1. The top pros and cons of Monumetric
  2. How much money you can make and
  3. If it’s worth it for you

I will also share with you the results of my first weeks with Monumetric that might surprise you.

Thus, if you’re looking for the best ad network or a high-paying Google AdSense alternative, this post is for you!

Keep reading!

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How does the Monumetric ad network work?

All in all, display ads are an excellent way to start making money with your blog. You can choose from a number of different networks even if you’re just getting started with blogging.

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Monumetric (formerly The Blogger Network) is an all-in-one display ad partner with a bunch of different ad units to monetize your blog traffic.

Whenever someone visits your blog, Monumetric automatically generates dynamic display ads based on your content and your visitors’ interests.

Whether you want to show in-article ads, dynamic video ads, or banners within your posts or in your sidebar, Monumetric’s got you covered.

Whereas some ad networks (e.g. Google AdSense) only offer static ads, Monumetric is different:

When someone is reading your blog posts, their ad units keep updating and showing new ads even when your reader stays on the same page. Thus, you generate more ad impressions, clicks, and therefore more money, too.

These dynamic ad units can push the Monumetric RPM through the roof on your long-form articles.

Monumetric - Monetize blog traffic with display ads - Best ad networks for bloggers

Should you join Monumetric?

The thing with ad networks is that there’s so much to choose from. It’s difficult to know which one to team up with for the best results.

Most new bloggers start with Google AdSense. Then, when they get enough blog traffic, they join Mediavine, for example.

But what I hear a lot is that Mediavine can be tricky to get approved with. Of course, it depends on your blog niche, traffic, and a bunch of other factors.

However, let’s just say that I haven’t heard too much good stuff about Mediavine yet. That’s why I chose Monumetric. (Sorry not sorry!)

Furthermore, even though you can earn well with AdSense, you need tons of traffic first.

Also, I don’t find AdSense very beginner-friendly. They have too many bells and whistles, so I always have the feeling I’m not using it right.

And the worst thing is: I can never talk to an actual human being when I have a question.

Pros of joining Monumetric

Let’s look at a few really great points about Monumetric first.

#1: Personal support

What I love the most with the Monumetric team is the personal support they offer me when I need it.

From the moment I sent in my application, I’ve never felt left alone. Although it took a few weeks to get ads on my blog, I didn’t feel like they were neglecting me.

A few days later I had a lovely chat with a rep about their ideas for a solid ad strategy for my blog. They presented me with a few things we should try out.

And although they are the experts, I, of course, had an opinion, too. For example, I wanted to disable ads on a few individual pages. No problem, they said. Sweet!

Monumetric benefits for publishers and bloggers – Monumetric review

#2: They place the ad units for you

Also, Monumetric took care of placing the ads on my blog.

They just needed to access my WordPress dashboard to embed the ad scripts in the right places. I literally didn’t have to do anything myself.

So, while I was focusing on creating more content for you guys, Monumetric was making sure each page on my blog was showing the right ad units to the right visitors.

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#3: Higher ad income potential

But what about the income potential with Monumetric?

Now, depending on how much traffic you have and which network you’re using so far, joining Monumetric can most likely increase your ad income.

Of course, your actual income depends on a number of factors. The only way to see how much money you can make with Monumetric is to join them.

Based on what I was hearing from other bloggers before I joined Monu was that everyone achieved a higher ad income with them.

Now, if that’s the case, why aren’t all bloggers using Monumetric? I was a little bit skeptical here, but I decided to join to see what all the fuss was about.

#4: Wide range of ad units

A large selection of ad units means more ad impressions and clicks.

This is something Monumetric does a stellar job at. They support a bunch of different ad units and placement options to make the most of your traffic:

  • Desktop display ads
  • Mobile-optimized ad units
  • Inline video ads
  • In-image ads
  • Native ads
  • Rich media ads
  • etc.
Monumetric review – Benefits and tools

The best part?

Their helpful team takes care of everything for you. When you get onboard, they help you find the best possible ad combination and overall strategy.

If you have a lot of mobile traffic, Monumetric makes sure your ads are optimized for smaller screen sizes, too.

Cons and shortcomings of Monumetric

Now, although my ad revenue is 10 times higher with Monumetric than with AdSense, an honest review needs a few downsides, too, right?

All in all, I’ve had a great experience with Monumetric, but here are a few points you should keep in mind:

#1: Minimum traffic requirement

You need at least 10,000 monthly pageviews to join Monumetric.

If you’re not quite there yet, check out these powerful traffic tools for growing your blog!

Before you join, make sure you check and fulfil these Monumetric requirements, too.

#2: Setup fee (with less than 80k pageviews)

Unless you have at least 80,000 monthly pageviews, you’ll pay a $99 setup fee using a credit card.

Monumetric review, earnings, and payout - Joining Monumetric to make money with ads

Now, what are you getting for this fee, then?

In short: Monumetric will make sure they find the best possible advertisers for your blog so that you’ll make more money with your display ads. They will be in touch with you to make suggestions for an optimal ad placement strategy AND they’ll even place the ads for you.

In other words, the setup fee will allow you to make money with Monumetric for years to come.

How quickly can you earn the money back with ads, then?

It took me about 10 days to earn that amount with my ads with around 1,200 daily pageviews.

So yes, the initial investment in the setup fee paid off–much quicker than I expected.

Of course, no two blogs are identical, so it might take you less or more time to earn back your one-time setup fee.

#3: Application and approval process

Monumetric works with a bunch of different partner networks. Sometimes they need a while to approve your blog before they get their ads running.

I applied on Feb 13th and the ads started showing on my blog on Mar 11th. Just have patience here.

#4: Payment schedule

You’ll receive payments on net-60 terms. That means that after the end of each month, you need to wait for two more months. Then, payments are issued within the first 10 days of each month.

Monumetric payout schedule - Monumetric earnings and review - Make money with ads on your blog

So, when you earn ad income in January, you need to be patient through February and March. Then, you’ll receive your payment in early April.

How to join Monumetric

Joining Monumetric is super easy and fast. You can submit your application directly online and just sit back and wait for an approval email to schedule a short set-up consultation with them.

If you’ve never joined a display ad network before, don’t worry. I’ll walk you through the application process step-by-step.

Monumetric benefits – The best Mediavine alternative for bloggers

Step #1: Join the Propel program

Start by heading over to Monumetric.

The first thing you need to do is to choose the program you want to join. Monumetric offers four different programs based on your blog traffic.

If you have 10,000 – 80,000 pageviews per month, you’ll join the Propel program. Here’s an overview of the different programs and their monthly traffic requirements:

  1. Propel: 10,000 – 80,000 monthly pageviews
  2. Ascend: 80,000 – 500,000 monthly pageviews
  3. Stratos: 500,000 – 10 million monthly pageviews
  4. Apollo: 10+ million monthly pageviews

As I mentioned above in the cons, joining Propel means you’ll pay a setup fee of $99 using a credit card.

Head over to Monumetric to fill in their super simple application form:

How to join Monumetric – Monumetric review

Just enter all the details in the form and hit Submit.

Step #2: Submit your details for Propel

The next page will show you which program you qualify for. If it’s Propel, here’s what you’ll see:

Monumetric ad network review - How to join to earn passive income with your blog

The form on the right-hand side should be filled out with your data. Double-check everything and click Submit.

Step #3: Final steps for implementation assistance

The last thing you need to do is to provide Monumetric with login credentials to your blog. Hence, on the next and final page, you’ll need to provide them with a few final details:

  1. Administrative login URL for your blog
  2. Admin username and password
  3. Your email address for getting in touch about the implementation

If you’re using WordPress, you might want to create a new admin user profile for them to use.

And that’s it, you’re all set! You don’t need to do anything else right now. Just sit back and wait for Monumetric to review your blog details and schedule a call to set up your ads.

How long does it take to get approved?

One thing you need at this point is patience. Monu will review your application details, take a closer look at your blog, and submit it for approval with their advertisers.

This process can take anywhere from 2-6 weeks. Just keep it cool and wait for them to get back to you. Some advertisers take longer to approve your blog than others, simple as that.

How to display ads from Monumetric on your blog

Once you’re approved, you’ll get a welcome email from Monumetric with more details about who you can contact and what you should do next.

You’ll schedule a call with a helpful rep who will answer any questions you have in mind. If you’re completely new to display ads, this is the best time to express any concerns you may have!

They’ll walk you through their ideas for an ad strategy for your blog, too. If everything sounds good, they’ll proceed to set up your ad units next.

However, if you don’t feel comfortable with their suggestions, make sure you’re honest and open about everything at this point. It’s a waste of time to let them build the ad units now just to have them removed in 1-2 weeks.

Setting up your Monumetric dashboard

Also, you’ll get an email with your login details to your publisher dashboard. That’s where you’ll be tracking your ad performance. Needless to say, it’s a good idea to get comfy with how it works.

You’ll also be asked to complete a few finishing steps, such as:

  1. Providing your payment information
  2. Setting up your tax information
  3. Integrating Google Analytics
  4. Providing your FTP details
  5. Reviewing your GDPR settings
Setting up your Monumetric dashboard

This initial setup won’t take too long. Once you’re done, you can be sure your payments will be processed on time and that your blog is working smoothly with Monumetric.

When will you get paid?

Ok, so the only reason to join Monumetric is to make money with your blog, right?

Now, this is an honest Monumetric review. That’s why I’m pointing out this shortcoming of this ad network: They issue all payments on a net 60 basis, within the first 10 days of the month.

Thus, the ad income you earn in January will be paid between April 1-10. If you ask me, this is a long time to wait for a paycheck. But then again, Monu needs to wait to get paid by their advertiser partners first, of course.

That said, once you start making money with their ads, things will start rolling smoothly and you’ll get paid every month.

How much money can you make with Monumetric ads?

One thing to bear in mind with Monumetric is this:

More page views doesn’t always mean more revenue.

Instead, what matters more are impressions.

Therefore, the best way to increase your ad revenue with Monumetric is to increase impressions. Make your readers stay on your blog longer. Decrease your bounce rates and write better articles. Having a “sticky” blog like this will help you boost your ad impressions.

Whatever makes your readers spend more time on your blog, go for it! Head over to my post with 15 easy tips to increase your display ad income for more proven techniques.

How my ad income increased with Monumetric

Before I joined Monumetric, I was using Google AdSense for display ad income on my blog. To be honest, my ad income was rubbish with them. My traffic was growing fast but my AdSense income was stagnating or even decreasing at some point.

When I joined Monumetric, I quickly started making 10 times as much money with display ads as I did with AdSense.


Perhaps I didn’t know how to set up an optimal ad strategy with AdSense?

Or it was because of my blog niche. Maybe AdSense didn’t have the right advertising partners who were interested in catching my readers’ attention? Who knows.

Long story short, here’s what I saw in the first couple of weeks with Monumetric:

Monumetric review - How much money can you make and is it worth it

Here are a few key figures you may want to look at:

  • Pageviews: 800 – 1,500 per day
  • Earnings/day: $6 – $14
  • RPM or revenue per 1,000 pageviews: $7 – $14

All in all, my earnings weren’t astronomical, but they were much higher than with AdSense. And even though my pageviews were decreasing during this time, my ad income was looking OK.

You’ll find more details in my post about my Monumetric earnings.

Bear in mind that you’ll most likely see completely different results with Monumetric. Your ad income could be higher, lower, or anything in between.

As for the cons of the dashboard, there is only one: The reporting data usually have a delay of 1 or 2 days. And although I know it’s difficult to get real-time data from an entire network of partners, this is something I think could be improved.

Can you use Monumetric together with other ad networks?


In fact, it might be a good idea to combine Monumetric with another ad network. It depends on what types of ads perform well on your blog.

For example, in-article ads do really well in some blog niches. Monumetric does offer them, but you need to do some testing and adjusting to make sure your ad units aren’t disturbing your readers.

Unfortunately, the ads sometimes appear in the middle of a sentence, within lists, or right below a heading. Therefore, consider using another network to display ads within your blog articles if you can.

Final thoughts: Monumetric review – Is it worth it?

I hope you found a few helpful tips in this Monumetric review – especially if you’re looking for the best display ad network to make money with your blog.

All in all, I’m in love with Monumetric already. I’ve worked with a few big ad networks out there, with mixed results. But with Monu, my ad revenue jumped to a whole new level.

Also, they’re super easy to work with. I’ve never felt left alone with them, quite the opposite. They’re always there for me with whatever questions I may have.

Thus, if your traffic is high enough to join, give them a try! Otherwise, here’s a helpful article for growing your blog traffic fast.

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If you enjoyed this Monumetric review, drop me a line in the comments below! Have you used Monumetric? How’s your experience been? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

P.S. If you found this post helpful, make sure you share it with others! Thanks so much!

Monumetric Review: How to Increase Your Blog Income With Display Ads

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