How to Find the Perfect WordPress Theme for Blogging

Are you feeling confused with all the WordPress themes out there? Which one should you choose? How do you find the perfect WordPress theme for blogging? With all the choices out there, it’s difficult to know which WordPress theme will be the perfect fit for your blog. And since a

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10 Best WordPress Plugins for Blogs (Free and Paid)

If you’re completely new to blogging or WordPress (or both!), you’re probably asking: “What the heck is a WordPress plugin?”. A WordPress plugin is like an app that adds a new functionality or feature to your WordPress blog. Knowing how plugins work and what to pay attention to when selecting

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The Best WordPress Themes For Blogs (Free and Paid)

When you start your own blog, you’ll first have to choose the perfect blog topic, right? When that’s done, you want to focus on creating great content for your readers. If you haven’t already, you can start a blog with my step-by-step tutorial here: How to Start a Successful Blog

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