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Smart Pinterest SEO E-Book

to grow your blog traffic for FREE with Pinterest (the smart way)

A 90+ page book to learn how to use Pinterest the right way, and steal my Pinterest SEO strategy to drive more traffic to your website or blog – for 100% FREE

** updated for 2020 and 2021 algorithm changes **

Does this sound familiar?

Have you just started a blog but you’re feeling overwhelmed with finding the best way to get people to visit your website?

Did you already spend hours and days trying to gain visibility on social media, but you’re not seeing your traffic grow at all?

Are you confused about the jargon around Google SEO? Maybe you have already mastered SEO for Google but it’s taking too long to see organic traffic?

You know bloggers are using Pinterest to get MASSIVE traffic for free, but you have no idea where to start without wasting your time on strategies that don’t work?

Maybe it feels like all the hard work you put into creating amazing blog posts is for nothing…

But what if I told you that you could…

Generate THOUSANDS of website visitors for FREE.

Use that traffic to monetize your blog faster, and achieve your blog income goals with less work.

Spend Waste less time on trying to grow your traffic and learn the most fundamental secrets to quick Pinterest traffic that nobody talks about.

Bring TONS of targeted traffic to your blog every day, for 100% FREE.

I’m not kidding! Check out what our fellow bloggers are saying about the book…

Here’s what people are saying about the guide

Mikke’s Pinterest SEO guide blew my mind! Quite frankly, I’m not a fan of SEO AT ALL. It’s always been something I’ve put off with Google and Pinterest, too. But this book has really changed how I feel about search engine optimisation. Mikke was so helpful with my questions after purchasing the book, too! My blog traffic went from 30k to over 80k a month from April to July with his techniques. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Alexandra F.

Mom blogger

Where should I even start! I never thought I’d see the day when I’m actually grasping how important SEO is for Pinterest traffic. I hate to say this but it turned out I was wasting my time on stuff that just doesn’t make any sense on the platform… I’m only about halfway through the book and Mikke’s tips have already changed my entire Pinterest game. My Pinterest traffic is up 75% and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the book will bring!

Paula H.

DIY & crafts blogger

I stumbled upon Blogging Explorer a few months back and have been consuming everything vigorously ever since. I’ve been blogging for years and I thought I knew my way around Pinterest. I know consistency and determination is key, so I bought the Pinterest SEO book so I could tweak and perfect my strategy. Mikke’s guide is a great refresher on some of the basics and packed with nuggets to improve my techniques even further. Thank you so much for your hard work! You’re really helping me out a lot!

Susanna R.

Lifestyle blogger

Guys, this book IS IT! I never thought I’d get so much value at this price point! I just started implementing the SEO strategies last week, so my traffic hasn’t changed yet. But learning how to use Pinterest the RIGHT way is such a time-saver. I’ve always known Pinterest can’t be that difficult to master. But there’s so much false and outdated information out there that I never felt 100% confident in my strategy. Your book is exactly what I needed, it literally changed EVERYTHING over night!

Jeff O.

Food blogger

Smart Pinterest SEO guide – Grow your website traffic with Pinterest - Blogging Explorer

What is included in the book?


A 90+ page e-book designed to guide you through the steps to growing your website traffic using Pinterest.


My proven Pinterest SEO system broken down to include:
Step One: SEO fundamentals
Step Two: Pinterest traffic secrets
Step Three: Keyword basics
Step Four: Keyword research (the RIGHT way)
Step Five: Keyword techniques (ALL of them)


A step-by-step, hands-on guide with practical exercises that walk you through the nitty gritty of Pinterest SEO.


Up-to-date, complete, and proven methods, tools, and techniques you can start using in any niche right away at your own pace.

This Pinterest traffic guide is perfect for you if:


You want to grow your blog traffic quickly (for FREE)


You don’t want to waste time on Pinterest strategies that don’t work


You are new to blogging and you don’t want to pay for ads to drive traffic to your website


You are tired of looking for the secret recipe to drive massive traffic from Pinterest with no success


You see bloggers drive 10,000 – 100,000+ monthly visitors to their websites from Pinterest and you wonder how they do it


You want to learn every little detail you should consider (yes, all of them!) when using Pinterest for blog traffic

I heard you like bonuses!

Purchasing Smart Pinterest SEO will not only give you access to all my proven strategies, but you also get these valuable bonuses absolutely FREE:

Smart Pinterest SEO Bonus Content - Blogging Explorer

Super-Easy Pinterest Keyword Research Template

($12 value)

I know finding and tracking the best Pinterest keywords can be cumbersome. This keyword template will help you organize your keywords super fast for even more traffic.

Pinterest SEO Traffic Booster Checklist

($17 value)

Your time is your most valuable asset, and this checklist will help you double-check your strategy step-by-step – so you’re not missing anything.

Smart Pinterest SEO Quick Cheat Sheet

($15 value)

Supercharge your blog traffic and drive thousands of visitors to your website with this easy cheat sheet – it’s your shortcut to getting started instantly.

Grow your blog traffic now

Grab the book and steal my Pinterest traffic secrets today!

Guys, don’t even think about skipping this guide! The value is just incredible! (Why is it so cheap?!) 6 weeks in and my Pinterest clicks are up by +120%. This could turn my blog into a full-time business for the price of a tasty lunch! Mikke did such an amazing job at explaining every little detail I needed to know. If only I had grabbed your book sooner… Thank you!

Katie S.

Parenting tips blogger

Frequently asked questions

Do you offer refunds or a money-back guarantee?

Yes. You get a 60-day money-back-guarantee in case you don’t see real results. If you go through my guide, implement my strategies, and don’t see any results, then you can email me within 60 days from your purchase for a full refund. All I ask is that you provide evidence that you’ve put these techniques into place with your Pinterest account and can show that they have not worked for you.

Will this work for me if I already have a Pinterest account?

Yes. You can use the book to review and optimize your existing account, profile, boards, and pins. I’ll show you the exact steps you need to take to make sure Pinterest distributes your content to the right users.

What format is the book delivered in?
This is a digital product! You will receive a link to a PDF file you can download and open on your computer.
Do you update the book with Pinterest algorithm changes?
Yes! I am continuously updating the book as Pinterest implements new features and factors in its search and ranking algorithm. Pinterest is my main traffic source, so I’m constantly keeping an eye on any algorithm adjustments that are relevant to driving blog traffic.
How long do I have access to the book?

I know how frequently Pinterest makes changes to its algorithm, so there are always new best practices we need to stay on top of as bloggers. That’s why I’m giving you lifetime access to the book, including new bonus content I’ll add to the package in the future!

How fast will I see traffic and results?
That depends on how much time you can dedicate to learning my strategies and implementing them in practice. Also, it depends on your blog niche, how much content you have on your blog, and how much new content and pins you can create and publish weekly. There’s no minimum requirement here.

Make sure you take your time to understand each chapter in the book before proceeding to the next one. If you put in hard work and determination, you should see results within 2-6 weeks.

This feels like a lot of money. Is your book really worth its price?
Let’s consider an example. The cheapest, quickest way to drive blog traffic is Facebook ads. On average, you would pay about $0.10–0.20 per click. To drive 10,000 monthly visitors from Facebook, you would need to spend between $1,000–2,000 per MONTH just for those first 10k visitors.

Or you could invest your time in optimising your blog for Google, but SEO can take several months to yield results.

Smart Pinterest SEO helps you grow your traffic for 100% free so that you can generate more affiliate commissions, product sales, and display ad revenue from your blog. And remember: your Pinterest traffic will ramp up over time with the strategies in my book.

If my guide helps you generate $50 in more blog income over time, it is worth the price, and should be priced much higher.

Are my credit card details secure?
Your online security is extremely important to me. That’s why I’ve teamed up with Stripe to let them handle the billing. Your credit card data is as safe as it can be. You can feel comfortable knowing your payment transaction is encrypted and protected.
Terms and Conditions

This is a digital product. You will not receive a physical product shipment. Upon purchase, you will receive an email with a download link to the product files.

You have a 60-day money-back-guarantee in case you don’t see real results. If you go through my guide, implement my strategies, and don’t see any results, then you can email me within 60 days from your purchase for a full refund. All I ask is that you provide evidence that you’ve put these techniques into place with your Pinterest account and can show that they have not worked for you.

All products are sold to individuals for personal or commercial use. The license to use the product is only given to the buyer. See license details below.

The product and its design are copyrighted to Mikke Helsingius (, the owner or this website, and the creator and publisher of all products available on this website.


You may use this guide for personal use. Each purchase grants ONE single license to you, the buyer, only.

You may NOT redistribute or resell this product, its contents, any portion thereof, or modified versions of them in any format.

Hi, I’m Mikke!

Hey there, fellow blogger!

I’m Mikke, the creator of Blogging Explorer, an economist turned blogger and entrepreneur. Pinterest was a total game-changer for my blogging business back in 2019 and it literally changed my life completely.

With that said, my Smart Pinterest SEO strategies is an all-in-one collection of the most fundamental traffic techniques I’ve learned and perfected. I have poured my heart into this book, and I’m excited to share my findings with you!

know Pinterest is the best, quickest way to drive targeted traffic to your blog, website, or product – whatever it is you’re promoting.

But although it’s easy to start sharing your content on Pinterest, you won’t see the results you expect unless you learn how Pinterest really works and what techniques you must follow to generate thousands of clicks to your blog. And this hands-on, practical Pinterest SEO guide will do just that for you!

Want to get more traffic with less effort? Then let’s grow your traffic together!

– Mikke

You are just one step away from…

Learning Pinterest techniques that will grow your traffic fast!

Smart Pinterest SEO guide – Grow your website traffic with Pinterest - Blogging Explorer

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