How to Earn Money Through Blogging: 4 Money-Making Ideas for Beginners

When you start a blog, you want to start making money with it as quickly as possible, right? Me too. Of course, monetizing your blog is easy if you already have a ton of traffic and email subscribers. But without a single email subscriber and a limited amount of content, how to earn money through blogging when starting out?

If you’re just getting started and your blog is brand new, can you still monetize it?


In this article, we’ll go through 4 powerful money-making ideas for beginner bloggers.

If you’re looking for great ways to earn money through blogging when you’re just getting started, this post is for you!

Let’s jump right in!

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#1: Find freelance work online

If you want to become a successful blogger, you need to be comfortable with writing. And since you’ll use your writing skills to make a living in the long run, why not use them for earning a side income now already?

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Here’s why you should give freelance writing jobs a try:

  1. Work whenever you want:
    If you’re doing this as a side hustle, online freelance work allows you to determine your own schedule. Do your freelance work during the day and spend your evenings with your blogging project.
  2. Improve your writing skills:
    Gathering writing experience will help you become a better writer. As a blogger, this will certainly come in handy.
  3. Tap into abundant opportunities:
    With an online freelancing platform, you can apply for jobs anywhere in the world. As long as you have solid writing skills in your language, you’re likely to find freelance work online.

You can easily find small freelance jobs on websites like or

It might take some work to land your first job and your rate might be lower than you expect. But once you have your first stellar review from a client, getting your next job will be much easier.


#2: Offer your services to other bloggers

Every blogger out there is doing a bunch of similar, repetitive tasks. Any blogger who’s doing all of this alone can easily feel overwhelmed with everything on their plate.

There’s a lot to get done and some bloggers just hate certain tasks they do, such as:

  • Strategy and planning
  • Research and writing
  • Online marketing
  • Emails and cooperations
  • Accounting and administration etc.

For some bloggers, online marketing might be something they love. But for many of us, it’s just something we need to do even though we’d much rather spend our time doing research and writing, for example.

Now, if you’re a huge fan of online marketing and you love spending your time spreading the word about your blog, why not offer your help to other bloggers in your niche, too?

Use your blog as a platform to market your services. Focus on a very narrow niche service first for maximum efficiency. Offer competitive rates to gather some practice first.

You’ll be surprised by how many bloggers might be willing to work with you!

#3: Support small online businesses in your niche

It’s no secret that the Internet is packed with millions of businesses who need help with their websites, blogs, or social media presence.

If you know how to set up a professional-looking blog with a few sub-pages like “About us” or “Contact us”, you already know more than 99% of these businesses.

Needless to say, those business owners might be willing to hire you to help them with building their online presence.

You could start by targeting small businesses in your area first.

Approach them with a professional touch, let them know why you’d be the best person to help them out. Offer a competitive hourly rate or charge a project-based fee.

Again, this money-making method allows you to learn more about how the world of blogging works. Not only will you help others, but you’ll gather more online experience in your niche, too.

#4: Promote a specific affiliate product

Last but not least, there’s affiliate marketing.

Now, you might think you need thousands of readers to start making money with your blog. However, the amount of traffic is just one half of it. The other half is the quality of your blog traffic.

Here’s the deal:

Even if your blog is new, you can promote a specific product or service with a powerful landing page on your blog. If you get it right, you can start making money literally overnight.

This is what you should do:

  1. Choose an affiliate product you know and trust:
    Start by picking a product you use for your blog. It needs to be something you’d be comfortable recommending to anyone, including your best friends and family.
  2. Create a landing page:
    A good landing page is just a sub-page on your blog that focuses solely on a single product or topic. When you’re promoting an affiliate product, you could build a landing page with a comprehensive step-by-step tutorial on how to use it, for example. As long as your landing page solves a problem your readers are struggling with, they’re likely to purchase the product you’re recommending.
  3. Promote your affiliate product page:
    When your landing page is all set, you need to start marketing it to the relevant target audience. You can use social media, paid Facebook or Google ads, or approach a medium in your niche and ask if you could write a guest post for them with a back-link to your landing page.

The best way to make money with an affiliate product landing page is to start by finding a problem your readers have. Then, solve that problem with the product and with your landing page article and promote the heck out of it.

For more detailed tips to make money with affiliate products, check out my step-by-step guide on affiliate marketing for dummies.

Final thoughts: How to earn money through blogging as a beginner

All in all, making money through blogging doesn’t have to be difficult. As long as you know who your target audience is and how you can help them, you’re all set.

You want to be aware of what they’re struggling with and how you can solve their problems. That’s how you can produce valuable, useful content for them and attract targeted traffic to your blog, too.

And by targeted, I mean the right type of traffic. Those are the visitors who your content should be focused on. As long as they find your blog articles or other content helpful for the specific problem they’re having, they’re more willing to buy from you, too.

Alright, it’s your turn now! If you haven’t already, make sure you follow my step-by-step tutorial for starting your blog in just 30 minutes.

After that, head over to my other post to find blog post ideas that generate traffic.

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