Feeling Overwhelmed With Blogging? 6 Practical Tips to Recover Instantly

Are you feeling overwhelmed with blogging?

Does it feel like blogging is too much to take?

Me too. Much too often.

Being a blogger and making money blogging is like running a full-time business. When you’re juggling between a bunch of different tasks, it’s perfectly normal to feel stressed out and overwhelmed with blogging.

When that feeling kicks in, it’s time to take a little break.

Because the truth is:

Fighting blogging stress is much easier than you may think–and it works instantly.

In this post, I’m sharing with you the quickest tips and tricks on how to stop feeling overwhelmed with blogging.

By the time you finish reading this post, you’ll walk away with six powerful blogging tips and tricks to help you overcome any negative feelings that undermine your motivation and productivity.

With my quick tips, you will become more efficient and more confident in what you do with your blog. If that sounds like something worth looking into, tag along!

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What You Should Do When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed With Blogging

There are a bunch of powerful solutions on how to stop feeling overwhelmed with blogging even if you’re just a beginner.

Most importantly, you must have a clear plan and strategy for your blog. If you don’t know what your goals are, how are you going to find your way to them in the first place?

But sometimes things don’t go the way you plan. Every blogger goes through rough patches along the way, and it’s perfectly OK to have a few negative thoughts from time to time.

When you’re feeling overwhelmed with blogging, use these powerful tricks to get back on track to create amazing content for your readers:

1: Take a Step Back

Let’s start with the most powerful trick you can think of!

When you feel like blogging is just too much to take in, you MUST take a break from it. Now, I don’t mean you should escape to a distant island for months (although that might be quite nice, too!). What you should do is to take a step back from your daily blogging tasks and routines.

You see, when you’re working on your blog every day, you tend to get caught up in the details. It’s easy to lose sight of the big picture when you’re working on a dozen individual things at the same time.

You can even start feeling like you are your blog. And that’s a sure-fire recipe for a motivational disaster. You can feel like you’re not good enough if your blog isn’t achieving its goals. Or if your blog posts aren’t generating enough attention on social media, you feel like you’re doing a bad job.


Remember that you are not your blog. You are not your job.

Your blog is simply a tool you’re using to get where you want to go, right? I know this is a difficult point to many of us, and I’ve been struggling with it a LOT, too.

So, when blogging feels scary and daunting, take a step back. When trying to find a solution on how to stop feeling overwhelmed with blogging, try to see things from an objective point of view.

When you learn how to view your blog “from the outside”, you’ll shake off all unnecessary self-criticism and take a more neutral view to your projects. You’ll regain your confidence in what you’re doing when you realize that you’re in fact making great progress.

2: See How Far You’ve Come

Whenever you’re feeling overwhelmed with blogging and you notice your motivation levels plummeting, why not just take a look back? If you feel like you’re not achieving your goals quickly enough, just have a look at how far you’ve come already.

Trust me, more often than not you’ll feel quite impressed by what you’ve achieved so far. I mean, you started your blog from scratch, zero, nada. You’ve learned a ton of new tools and created something valuable out of thin air. That’s not something to overlook, my friend!

So, even though I’m usually more focused on the future, this is a good time to take a look into the past and appreciate your achievements.

How to Defeat Blog Stress and Stop Feeling Overwhelmed With Blogging - 6 Proven Strategies for Blogging Beginners

3: Do One Thing at a Time

Here’s the deal: when you’re feeling overwhelmed with blogging, you simply have too many things on your mind. Too many thoughts, too many ideas.

It’s perfectly normal and it happens to every blogger – on a regular basis.

I fight these feelings almost daily, and here’s one of the easiest, quickest blogging tricks to overcome them:

Make a to-do list and start by finishing a single task.

Even if your to-do list has 200 items on it, you have to start with something, right?

And hey, there’s nothing wrong with starting with the easiest one! I create and manage my to-do lists in Trello, Evernote, or Asana.

I usually start with responding to emails because that’s something I don’t exactly love doing. But it only takes a couple of minutes and checking it off of my to-do list feels soooo rewarding!

How to organize and plan your content and blogging strategy - Managing your blog strategy with Trello
Manage and organize your ideas and blogging strategy with Trello.

4: Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Remember: this is your blogging journey!

What other bloggers have achieved doesn’t have to be representative of what you’re going to achieve! Keep in mind that most successful bloggers have been blogging for years.

When you’re just starting out with blogging, I know how easy it is to overlook the amount of work that went into getting where they are right now.

It’s perfectly OK to have other bloggers you look up to. But make sure you don’t compare your blogging success to theirs.

I know lots of beginner bloggers who gave up blogging altogether because they didn’t achieve the results they were looking for. They were inspired by other bloggers who were making thousands of dollars every month with their blogs. Not seeing that kind of results quickly enough just killed their motivation and that initial wave of inspiration just vanished.

Now, if you’re blogging about a topic you’re passionate about, you don’t have to worry about running out of motivation, trust me. As long as you pick a blog niche you love, you’re safe.

Just keep in mind that you are you and this is your blog. It can be whatever you want it to be. All you need is a good amount of perseverance and determination and you’re unstoppable!

5: Know That It’s Only Temporary

This may sound super simple and self-explanatory, I know. But being aware that feeling overwhelmed with blogging is just temporary is an incredibly powerful blogging trick for staying motivated.

Knowing that you will get back on track before long will help you alleviate any negative feelings. No matter how intense they are, you will overcome them, trust me.

When you feel like blogging is too much to take in and you just want to quit, you can try two different tricks:

  1. Take a day offYou’re the boss! If you’re blogging every day, you need to give your brain some rest from time to time. The more you work on your blog, the more ideas you’re getting. If you don’t give your brain the time to organize them, you’ll just end up confused and feeling overwhelmed with blogging altogether. Get some sleep, go out, and enjoy nature!
  2. Just start writing – This is a trick that works for me almost every time. Even if writing is the last thing I’d like to do, I just open my laptop and start typing. It doesn’t matter what you write. Just do it and see what happens. Set yourself a timer for 20 minutes, eliminate all distractions, and type away. If it doesn’t work out, go back to the tip #1 above!

The bottom line is: 99% of the time those negative thoughts are just in your head. They’re just thoughts and thoughts aren’t real. Being aware of this will help you break the cycle of negative thoughts and get you back on track.

Start a blog and make money - Step-by-step beginners guide on how to start a successful WordPress blog

6: Cut Down How Much Content You Consume

When you start a blog from scratch, you have a LOT of stuff on your plate. You need to learn writing, WordPress, content management, strategy and planning, marketing, and so much more…

If you followed my step-by-step guide for starting a successful blog, you’ll know how important it is to focus on one thing at a time.

When you’re just getting started, don’t learn stuff you don’t need just yet. If you haven’t launched your blog yet, don’t learn email marketing. Or if you’re just writing your first articles, don’t spend time on learning how to customize your blog with a WordPress theme.

I know how easy it is to get lost in the endless ocean of content online. You’ll find hundreds of blogs you could read and follow for inspiration and learning.

But here’s the deal: you only have one brain! It can’t handle all that input you’d like to process!

Therefore, be kind to yourself (and to your head). If you notice yourself browsing through dozens of blogs in your niche, just stop. Choose a couple of blogs you can learn stuff from. That’s more than enough for now.

In short: ask yourself what you need to do right now to take the next step towards your goals?

Then, find content that will help you with exactly that one thing. Focus on it and finish that step before moving forward.

Final Thoughts: How to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed With Blogging

Blogging is empowering, rewarding, and FUN! Don’t let your fears or doubts hold you back from giving 110% to your blog – ever.

When you’re looking for a solution on how to stop feeling overwhelmed with blogging, the best way to fight it is to know it’s all in your head. You’re doing a great job, trust me. But your brain just wants to throw a little tantrum from time to time.

When that happens, come back to this article and go through the 6 easy steps one by one. That said, make sure you bookmark this post and share it with others!

Remember that you will achieve your blogging goals. It’s going to take some work and time to get there, but you’re doing an amazing job at it!

Check out these powerful blog strategy tips that will help you get started.

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